Seventeen years ago, God blessed me with an animal loving son.  Before he could even talk, Elijah could make every animal sound imaginable.  His nature loving uncle was one of Elijah’s greatest heroes. His favorite shows were cartoons that revolved around nature like Zaboomafoo and Stanley.  He took the lessons of Steve Irwin to heart and told anyone who would listen how to avoid the venom of the spitting cobra.

While far from perfect (just like the rest of us), God blessed Elijah with a heart softened to hearing His voice and an eagerness to grow in his relationship with Him.  As my son entered the reading years, it was not unusual for him to seek out the truth in God’s word for himself, unprompted.

As a parent, I knew I needed to foster both Elijah’s love of God and His creation.  I searched for Bibles, devotions, and anything else I could get my hands on to help me.  What I found was there wasn’t much available that blended a child’s love of God with his or her love of creation.

That’s why I began writing interactive nature devotions.  I have a heart to help my son and other children like him.  I want to encourage them on their faith journeys using their passion for creation as a starting point.  It is my prayer that this website helps you help your creation loving children grow in their understanding of God.  It is my greatest desire that your children develop their relationships with God in a fun, practical way.

In Christ’s Love,